Patricia Draznin is the author of THE OH ZONE, a humor column for the Fairfield Weekly Reader in Fairfield, Iowa, and a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. She writes a film review column for a Midwest literary magazine, The Iowa Source. She has also written and performed standup comedy.

Her previous credits include writing and editing promotional copy. Her bylines include numerous articles for health and beauty magazines. Her writing credits include book and product reviews for online businesses including Delphi, Audible.com, and BooksAreFun.com (owned by Reader’s Digest), as well as a worldwide telecomm monthly newsletter. She also worked as photojournalist for TwinGalaxies.com, the official international scorekeeper for arcade and video games.

Prior to her writing career, Patricia worked in her dad’s dry cleaners where she learned the value of clean material.


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